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[SOFT] VLC screen recording - dual screen edition

tl;dr: This is a set of instructions to capture your computer screen with VLC.

Knowing your setup

Before recording, you need to know the resolution of each screen and their position in your operating system. We'll use June's dual screen setup as an example. She has:

Setting up VLC - right screen recording

If June wants to record her desktop screen, she will:

You are done with the first step!

Setting up VLC - left screen recording

If June wants to record her laptop screen, she will:

Setting up VLC output

Nothing seems to happen but VLC should already be recording and you should have a example.mp4 file on your desktop. Everything happening on the target screen is being captured by VLC. On your desktop, you will find a new file with the name you provided earlier: as soon as you click Stop in VLC to stop capturing, the file will finish processing and update with a thumbnail picture of the contents you captured. It's ready to play!

You can do a lot more with VLC Media Player and we have only grazed the surface. There is a ton to explore here, check the resources below for more.

Extra resources