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[SOFT] VLC screen recording - dual screen edition

Knowing your setup

Before recording, you need to know the resolution of each screen and their position in your operating system. We'll use a dual screen setup as an example with:

Setting up VLC - left screen recording

If we want to record the laptop screen, we will:

Setting up VLC - right screen recording

If we want to record the desktop screen, we will:

You are done with the first step!

Setting up VLC output

Nothing seems to happen but VLC should already be recording and you should have a example.mp4 file on your desktop. Everything happening on the target screen is being captured by VLC. On your desktop, you will find a new file with the name you provided earlier: as soon as you click Stop in VLC to stop capturing, the file will finish processing and update with a thumbnail picture of the contents you captured. It's ready to play!

You can do a lot more with VLC Media Player and we have only grazed the surface. There is a ton to explore here, check the resources below for more.

Extra resources