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[SOFT] SAMBA file sharing for the Raspberry Pi

Sharing files and folders over a local network is one of the first things we wanted to do with a Raspberry Pi computer. There are many, many routers out there and many, many different default options for them. Add to that many, many outdated and sometimes conflicting tutorials on using SAMBA to share files over a network and you could understand why we moved to SSH and SFTP file transfer for a while.

Then Lucy Hattersley changed the game with her tutorial in issue 80 of the MagPi Magazine. Follow it to the letter. It works beautifully (at the moment of this writing) and even made Bee a cry a little bit.

A few extra notes in case you run into any problems while following this tutorial:

That's it. Once we worked out the kinks listed above and made sure we were sticking to the tutorial instead of skipping ahead out of habit, everything worked like a charm. Enjoy!

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