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[SOFT] Pi Zero Ethernet over USB and connection sharing

Preparing your microSD card

Setting up Ethernet over USB

Once the image has been written to your microSD card, do not eject! Instead:

Open the command.txt (using the same text editor):

Optional: installing drivers

On some computers, Ethernet over USB is not recognized correctly. You can fix that!

Your Pi Zero should now be recognized as a USB Ethernet/RNDIS gadget.

Sharing your Internet connection

The Pi Zero doesn't have an onboard WiFi chip, but you can share your computer's connection with it.

The connection should be live from your Raspberry Pi within minutes.

You might be tempted to right-click the connection bridge you created and select Disable to stop sharing your connection. Don't: it will actually break your connection to the Internet. Instead:

Connect your Pi Zero's data USB port to a USB port on your computer with a mini-USB cable. You can now directly connect to it over SSH with your favorite client, using the raspberrypi.local address.

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