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[SOFT] NPR Lunchbox on the Raspberry Pi


Raspberry Pi setup

First off, let's prep your Raspberry Pi. The Johnson County Library MakerSpace has a comprehensive guide on how to do that.

Downloading Lunchbox

Configuring a virtual environment

Testing your Lunchbox instance

All done? Time to build and test your Lunchbox instance. While in your lunchbox virtual environment, type fab app to generate a temporary version of Lunchbox for review.

From your Rasperry Pi, you can use an Web browser to connect to the local server at to check Lunchbox. If everything looks like it's working, you can move on to personalizing Lunchbox for your org.

Personalizing Lunchbox

It's important to personalize Lunchbox before building it and hosting it on your server: settings are spread over several configuration files in the final installation, so doing it now will save you a lot of time. The configuration instructions for logos, URLS and contact information on NPR's repository will walk you through everything you need to do.

Next, fill in the server information for the destination server in We used the following settings:

Rendering Lunchbox locally

If everything looks fine, you're ready for the final render and deployment.

You can visit your rendered Lunchbox installation from a browser on your Raspberry Pi at

Extra Resources

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