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[SOFT] Reflashing the Nextbook Ares 8 tablet

The Nextbook Ares 8 tablet is a great device for its price range. We use ours for technical documentation and library access. They suddenly stopped working a while back, and based on XDA Forums cries for help, so did a lot of people's. This is how we fixed our tablets using resources posted out there and a Windows computer.

WARNING: Please note that all your data on the device will be wiped, and encryption will be disabled. We are NOT responsible for any damage to your tablet, your computer or any hardware involved in this tutorial.

Huge thanks go to XDA Forums users @vampirefo, @socialdesignconcepts and @greatbal for all their work on these machines.

Downloading and installing all the things

Let's start by installing all the software you will need on your computer.

Everything should be ready. We can now start reflashing your tablet.

Reflashing the .EFI file

Reflashing the bootloader

Pat yourself on the back - you finished the first big step! Next up is rebuilding the partitions on your tablet and reflashing the operating system on it.

Repartitioning and reflashing

The tablet will now reboot into TWRP recovery. If it responds correctly to touch input, turn it off.

Reflashing the /system folder

The first boot will take at least 5 minutes, then walk you through the original setup for the tablet. Set up time zone, date and time and enjoy your reflashed tablet!