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[HARD] Keyes 3W LED module


Pin connections

Once wired and powered, use like a basic LED. Example sketches Blink and Fade work well with it - the module will actually shine nice and bright directly from the Arduino’s 5V pin.

This LED module packs a serious punch: the box describes it as a 3W LED, which is a simple way to say “don’t stare at it directly in the face or you’ll get light spots in your eyes for a few minutes”. Bee tried, didn’t like it, then found the manufacturer documentation rating this LED module’s light output at anywhere between 180 and 200 lumens.

We were able to power the module from a benchtop power supply....Once, then never again. The power supply still works, the power leads still work, the LED module still works - but it just won’t draw power from the supply for some reason!

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